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30 July 2030 @ 11:03 pm
credit banner aulxdayz

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30 May 2010 @ 06:36 am
I was jittery and kept refreshing my flist and twitter even watching Will & Grace can't distract my mind from waiting for live report of Merlin Panel. =/
and I still can't believe it that Bradley couldn't make it to the expo *pouts*
I was waiting this event since the first time I heard about it because they both would be there. But =/
anyway .. Just woke up an hour ago and bade goodbye to my brother (after 3 days slept over at my place) and I start to refresh flist to find more report and pics .. .. I should do that last night but my brother was back from dating and need to use computer

credit pic chaosmaka

He's so ADOREABLE AND CUTE AND OMG *dying of cuteness*

there's action figures!!! \o/

will flail more later ..
still upset there was no Bradley and no explanation was given )))):

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13 May 2010 @ 11:55 am
the only reason I make an entry .. MEME!!!
omg Im so so so SO sorry for not having quality entries for months .. years even .. I guess .. yea .. XDDDD

anyway .. icon meme from rodneyscat (who I love dearly for being sweet sweet sweet ♥) XDDD
i totally fail for declaring love like that LOL
here we goCollapse )

on a side note .. a day off after 3 days in a row having overtime.. hurrah!!!

ps. my "edit", "delete" and "track this" icons on comment pages not showing up!! but it's there!! why ?!?! ;__;

pss. OMG I edited this entry for millions times orz LOL
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02 February 2010 @ 08:08 pm
got this meme from rodneyscat and yavannauk

Let's make a magical wave throughout LJ.
When you see this entry, post a picture of the show to your own journal.


among my un-happiness of the beginning season 2, this scene make me squeal because Arthur shows his care blatantly ♥
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15 January 2010 @ 04:45 pm
i'm bored lol
real life got the best of me eventho somehow im still kinda alive at twitter.
work is evil raawwrrrr....

anyway icon meme wheeeee XDDDD
snatched from Gem ♥

i'm just using the spare time at work to do nthing because I fail just like that and I kind bored and tired and annoyed with my company XDDD Collapse )

so life is okay.
I swear I want to update LJ regularly but each time I open LJ, my mind goes blank and I don't know what to write XDDDDD

-. Merlin season 2 is over. I have to wait like 9 months for season 3 T_T
but meanwhile, Colin Morgan got another role for movie! YAY <3
I'm not sure if it'd be played here but surely it's bigger than The Island.
I'm waiting until Colin got big role for Hollywood ♥ that'd be SO AWESOME!!!
and my wistful thinking, Colin and Bradley on the same movie!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
anyway, from the storyline, it sounds good and great role for Colin ♥
March, shooting for Merlin season 3 would be started and I hope we would get some good reports and photos.

-. so currently I'm downloading Queer as Folk season 1 and watch it before sleep. I still love the series. The story is awesome and lovely.
-. and I swear I'm trying to catch up with yaoi manga. But I can't seem doing it too often so I just check Yamane Ayano's works XD I miss reading all those mangas >.<
and novel!! lol I got a lot of novels from larv and I still haven't got a chance to check it omg lol I fail!! XD
-. Kpop wise. there're so many new comers. when I still haven't got all of their senpai's names, the new one already debuting. LOL. but I'd just enjoy the shiny of kpop ♥
and this is the first time I like girl band. Korean. the cutest one nonetheless LOL. such a karma. KARA is just too cute and I wonder why I like them LOL.
-. JE wise. Yamanade today!!! I heard that Girigiri would soft sub it ?! If yes, so YAY \o/ I LOVE Girigiri. they're fast!! ♥

That'd be all I guess.
Will write again if I have the mood. ;_; I'm still alive I wear. I'm pretty much alive and kicking at Twitter. you can add if you like but I'm such a spammer. and Slash/Yaoi/Gay/MM relationship (or whatever) oriented. So much.

Anyway, I should stop before I write more XDDDDDD
I don't want to ruin your day (:

happy Friday, flist ♥

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